Clean house energetically “I experience space to live completely in the new house! To let go of the old house and to wave goodbye to the energy of the previous occupants. Must do for every big new step!”


Shaman Humming Blue Whale is a very professional and dedicated healer and coach. I highly recommend her to anyone who is stuck or in need of some personal or career assistance.


You can stick a plaster, take a pill, apply an ointment… a healing is something completely different! The problem is tackled at the deepest core and solved! I am relieved of my pain thanks to Humming Blue Whale!


After treatment and healing, my son only needs half of the chemotherapy, and the recovery is much faster than expected.


Detox cleansing holiday in Germany: “I arrived tired and I left feeling refreshed. What a big change in 7 days, could not have believed this in advance. It is true!”


What has the Detox-wellness-week brought me: Lots of energy! Breathing room within  my physical and mental systems. Beautiful insights. I yearn for more of it. Wonderful and fantastic. The week is a beautiful whole, the circle is complete. A clear beginning and a clear end, which in turn is your new starting point. You can…


Always busy, that was the situation when I went to the detox week. It was really weird to slow down. Slowing down everything, including my metabolism. Then I became aware of what I usually don’t feel, don’t see, don’t hear, by just ‘being busy’. My body became calmer, more powerful, cleaner. In my mind new…


The time after my Deeptox week has given me a new life. Transformation has come to my goals, they are becoming reality! I have a new house and a new love. My business is running smoothly. And I notice that I am now an inspiration to others who are open to innovation