Spiritual Travels

Spiritual Travels

During different times in your life it may be useful to go on a spiritual journey, but especially so when you find yourselves at a crossroads in life:
You may be choosing to find a new job, or to start a new relationship. Perhaps you are looking to become healthier, in whatever way that means for you. Or perhaps when you are trying to take steps to work on your own growth potential.

We offer different types of spiritual travels:
● Shamanistic Quest
● Deeptox Cleansing Vacation
● Vital, Healthy Weight
● Burn-out, and what now?
● Week of meditative walking

Shamanistic Quest

During a Shamanic Quest you withdraw into nature for a few days to be in contact with deeper layers of yourself, to investigate, to find answers to life’s questions you may be asking yourself, to transform from old to new. We visit beautiful power spots and stay at a nice location in a natural environment. A visit to beautiful villages can certainly be part of the program, for those who want.

Deeptox cleansing vacations

Detox on all layers is a deep cleansing that works on detoxifying Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul. An intensive deep cleansing that goes further than just the physical detox. With our detox we work on your entire system, getting rid of accumulated toxins, energy blockages and energetic pollution, emotional blockages, patterns that no longer serve you, and habits that prevent you from developing further. Essentially cleaning up, letting go of what no longer serves you, untying the energy of others. Real transformation from old to new for those who want it at that moment.

Vital Healthy Weight

Feeling good about yourself is the most important thing for a free and pleasant life. The most important thing is that you find your personal balance! We take you into the world of your brain and hormones. You get a clear overview of how our special body systems work. Here too you will clean yourself of obstructive substances in your body that have an unfavorable influence on you. We let go of old ideas so that there is even more room for your vitality and health.

Burnout and what next?

Your body lets you know when you are out of balance. And every body has its own way of letting you know. Your body can no longer do what it could before… It’s time to reflect on your way of life. How can you make it more fun for yourself? How can you give your body what it needs?

Meditative walking week

Being one with nature! Enjoy the peace, rustling of trees and sounds of birdsong. Let your thoughts go, let old things slide down through your feet, into the earth. Filling you with natural force. Unload and recharge yourself during this meditative walking week.