The shamanic Way

Humming Blue Whale cleanses and transforms energetically-blocked energies in people, homes and organizations.

This is done using wisdom of Spirit and All That Is.

Everything we offer comes from a Shamanic origin.
You may walk and broaden your spiritual path here.
Here, you can optimize your energy management.

Gezondheid en balans

Our lives are all about finding a healthy balance. Balance in body, mind and emotion. Balance between work and leisure. Balance between our social lives and having time to ourselves. Balance in our nutrition and sleep. Balance in the places we live and work. When something becomes unbalanced, you will notice it sooner or later. There are many ways with which to find that balance again.

Spiritual travels

During different times in your life it may be useful to go on a spiritual journey, but especially so when you find yourselves at a crossroads in life:
You may be choosing to find a new job, or to start a new relationship. Perhaps you are looking to become healthier, in whatever way that means for you. Or perhaps when you are trying to take steps to work on your own growth potential.

We offer different types of spiritual travels:
● Shamanistic Quest
● Deeptox Cleansing Vacation
● Vital, Healthy Weight
● Burn-out, and what now?
● Week of meditative walking

Meetings and testimonials

Having worked in psychiatric care for 25 years in varying roles and organizations, Humming Blue Whale has worked with, among others, young children, teens, adults and even the detained.

As a travel guide she has organized various adventurous outdoor journeys through even inhospitable areas like Mongolia and Iceland.

Clients find Humming Blue Whale to be a loving and strong person who holds much wisdom and offers a diversity of ways to guide people, using a no-nonsense approach, while serving the greater whole.

“Shaman Humming Blue Whale is a very professional and dedicated healer and coach. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all who feel stuck or feel they can use some assistance, whether it be for your personal or professional life.