Vital Healthy Weight – 6 Days

Virtal Healthy Weight

Vital Healthy Weight, feeling comfortable with yourself without having to “endure” anything.

Our body is a super ingenious system. EVERYTHING is connected. Any deviation from equilibrium results in an imbalance. The art is to discover where your imbalance is, and what you need to do to achieve and maintain your personal balance. I’m talking about your body system as a whole.

We have many layers, such as emotions, experiences, thoughts, feelings, hormones, nerve cells, ways of seeing something, ways of hearing, ways of reacting, the effect of how information and events touch us….. It is one chemical factory and everything reacts with each other.

What also matters is whether you sleep well, what you eat, what kind of work you do, how you live, what kinds of people you have around you…

How do you want to feel? How do you want to live your life? It’s up to you!

It’s not a magic spell …… You do get insights, handholds and healing on topics that prevent you from having a healthy, vital weight.

You’ll discover:
● how you want to live,
● how you want to feel
● what you want to do
● what you want to achieve

A nice weekly program with
● detoxifying and nourishing food
● supportive remedies
● let everything flow
● opening chakras and meridians
● letting go of what you no longer need
● motion
● meditation
● healing

During this week you will receive a vitality check which makes visible that which is important to you.