DEEPTOX, a deep cleansing of your body and life.

How nice is it to get rid of all kinds of things, connections, experiences, ways of doing things that no longer serve you? On a conscious and unconscious level?
Cleaning up your past, your present and therefore also your future!

Detoxification in the sense of emotions, experiences, DNA.
In addition, detoxing thoughts and assumptions.
Your body, blood, organs also participate in this process.
This way you can also disconnect old connections

Why detox at all levels?

We ask a lot of ourselves and our bodies.
It is important to take time and rest to become aware of things that no longer serve us. Even though we may not notice it immediately, they do hinder our health.

It makes us more vital, more clear-headed, more aware and unburdened in our lives to rid ourselves of toxins.

Effective cleansing

All aspects are taken into account during this Deeptox regimen.
And this gives miraculous effects. You can, among other things, rid the body of stored toxins, lose weight, increase your resistance, increase your vitality and even remove emotional blockages. The deepox cure has several components such as juice cures, liver cleansing, intestinal cleansing, various ways to detoxify and fill up on all layers. And supporting remedies for your total process. Everything is built in such a way that you get exactly what you need.

Effective cleansing

It is said that our gut is like our 2nd brain. an ingenious system with bacteria, enzymes, chemical processes and waste products. Some bacteria are good for our health and immune system while others literally make you sick. Many of the physical discomforts are due to an imbalance in the intestinal system.

Liver cleanse
It is the largest metabolic and detoxifying organ. Almost all harmful substances pass through the liver into the bloodstream. The liver is therefore one of the most important organs in our body and has more than 500 functions. We cleanse the liver by means of various juices and liver packs.

Juice course – Juice fasting

Juice course – Juice fasting
The various juices provide an intensive cleansing of the body and mind. The juices are prepared with care and consist of a combination of extremely balanced fresh vegetable soups, fresh fruit juices, and other well-being drinks. Rest assured, you will not experience hunger pangs during the juice fast.

Your body and mind are cleansed and nourished inside and out.