Energetic cleansing

Energetic cleaninsing of buildings and objects

Keeping the buildings in which we live and work physically clean and maintained is the most normal thing in the world. For us, energetically cleaning and managing buildings is also the most normal thing in the world. Working and living in a clean environment is refreshing.

We can energetically clean a building or object once. This is ideal when, for example, you want to move into a new home or business space and do not want to live and work in the energetic sludge of the previous occupants. Or when there are complaints that you suspect may be related to energies in your home or office.

We can manage a building or object energetically. Then the space is energetically cleansed and then maintained. We agree on how often to cleanse.

We also assist with the sale or purchase of a property. We can help you speed up the sale of a house or office building, or find a space that suits you or your organization.