Child & Family

Child and Family

A healthy, happy child is the most important thing a parent can have.
If a child is unwell in any way, it affects the whole family.
Of course, you will do everything you can to help your child(ren). But it is not always clear what is wrong, and your efforts do not always produce the right results, even with all the other help you can get.

There is another good, effective option.

treatment, Healing

Especially for children of all ages, it is nice to be supported from within. This can be done from a distance. Without giving your child the feeling that something is wrong with him, her or it, you can do this from a distance. We work on what is needed to bring your child back into balance. Without putting too much emphasis on it.
This makes it less stressful and allows you to work on a micro level.

You can compare it to a watch with gears. If you make a change to the smallest gear, the whole clock will eventually move with the change. That’s how our bodies work.

For what kind of complaints or issues?

It is possible for many concerns, the treatment is effective and powerful.
For physical complaints, emotional complaints, anxieties.

It’s worth thinking about
– all kinds of pain
– Being bullied
– bed-wetting
– insecurity
– feeling down
– feeling misunderstood
– Concentration at school
– “Falling in between” everywhere
– after diagnosis and there is a waiting list
– when you are on medication and want something different
– allergy

By consulting with the parents, I can treat remotely. And we keep each other updated on the progress.


If the parents would also like support, I will help them. And if they want, I can treat them remotely, so that they can be supported in their family process. Whatever the situation.

The great thing about distance is that it takes no extra time for parents and children. No travelling time, no appointments in between. Treatments are done in the evening when I know the children are in bed. And the parents know they are safe at home.

Mourning Process

It is not only possible to heal and treat illness in a family.
The grieving process is also part of the treatment.
Sometimes there is a serious illness in the family and it is clear that a parent or child is going to die. At the beginning of this process it is very helpful to prepare the family for what is to come. Each situation requires a unique way of doing what is necessary to say goodbye to life together as peacefully as possible. And also powerful tools to prepare for what is to come.