Life path coaching

Life path coaching

Like all humans on this Earth, we all have our own desires and interests. These can be in any of the following areas:
● Health; mental, emotional, physical.
● Enterprises
● Housing
● Business
● Family

When you notice that you want change in any area, it is nice that someone is watching with you and doing what is necessary to bring about the desired change.

From a shamanic approach, we look together with you at the underlying causes of your question, so that we can transform it. With this we make room for the Now and together we look at what is needed to initiate the desired change.

All this happens from a Shamnic way with drum and rattle in connection with All That Is.
Each process needs its own working method, it depends
of the person, the situation and the origin of the causes.

You can tell me about what you wish for in life.

The power lies in energetically clearing, healing, transforming, awakening, empowering, unfolding, manifesting. For people, companies, homes and families.

The guiding of organizations

Energetically supporting organizations makes (sometimes difficult) processes go more smoothly. Old habits and old baggage can be left behind, while what is valuable is put in the light, and what may arise new is given space and support.