Meet your power animal

Meet your power animal

Ancient peoples such as the native Americans and the Siberians work with power animals. Power animals are an essential part of Shamanism. Every human being is born with a power animal. Yours wants to awaken.

Step by step you will be taken with the drum into the layers of dimensions, where your power animal will show itself in its own way. It is an experience with Shamanism.

This day is the first basic day of classes. You will become acquainted with the technique for shamanic trance travel. It is an ancient tradition that also has a powerful and positive effect today.

This method helps broaden your horizon and it brings you clearly and powerfully into your personal center. It makes it easier for you to follow your own focus. You will be less distracted by your surroundings and you will discover that the possibilities are limitless. The sky is not the limit!

Your power animal can help you find healing, strength and knowledge. By connecting with your Power Animal, you are connecting on a deeper level with your life right now in the here and now.

From 10am to 4-4:30pm
Includes a delicious lunch
participation: €115,-.


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